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The Canadian Septic Guarantee.

We know choosing the right contractor for any construction project is a stressful process. Canadian Septic Inc. looks to eliminate that stress by providing all our customers with the Canadian Septic Inc. Guarantee. When you choose to hire Canadian Septic for your septic project, you’re choosing a company for whom septic designs, installs, & repairs are not merely an additional service offering… It’s literally all we  do!!! The BC Sewerage System Practice Manual is a complex 365 page document. Don’t trust something as important as your septic system to an engineer or an excavator contractor who only works on a couple systems a year.  Why trust something as important as your septic system design or install to an engineer who only does 1or 2 designs a year or an excavating contractor who doesn’t understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Every Canadian Septic Inc install comes with the guarantee that any failures found to have be caused by either our design or installation, will be fixed by our team, at no additional cost to you for as long as you own your home. Canadian Septic Inc. also honours all manufacturer warranties on any off-the-shelf components, such as pumps, control panels, and tanks.

* Conditions Apply See Canadian Septic Inc Guarantee for details
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