Septic Installation

Septic Installation

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Our Installation Process Ensures Your Septic System Will be Installed to the Highest Standards.

No matter the project, big or small, we always take the time to ensure that your septic system is installed properly the first time.

While many factors can impact the overall duration of a new septic system install, historically most residential projects will last between 2-5 days. We realize life doesn’t stop for those who are needing to replace an older failing system for their home. We always plan our installs to reduce the amount of time you are asked to not use water. In most cases, we are able to limit your downtime to 1-4 hours. Regardless of the steps it will take to fully install your new septic system, you can rely on our professional team members to handle the site prep, installation, and final inspection with the highest attention to detail.

Over the years we have installed systems for numerous customers with septic designs from many different engineers in the Fraser Valley. We have great working relationships with many of these engineers. If you already have a design completed, feel free to ask your engineer about their experience with Canadian Septic Inc. before asking us to quote out your installation.

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We Use a Set Process for the Best Results.

At Canadian Septic Inc., we know that no two projects are the same. That is why we tailor our septic field installation process to meet the specific requirements of each project. A typical field installation follows the following steps:

  • Prepare the basal area of the field (To be done in dry weather)
  • Place aggregates for the field as per design
  • Install dispersal laterals
  • Flush laterals and perform a squirt test
  • Cover the dispersal area with filter fabric and turf blend
  • Place grass seed

The septic tank installation process is fairly similar from project to project. While bedding and backfill materials may vary dependant on tank composition (concrete, fiberglass, or plastic) and the anti-flotation requirements for tanks may differ based on water table levels on the site, we do follow a high-level step-by-step process to ensure that all tanks are installed properly the first time around.

  • Find the starting elevation of any plumbing lines from all buildings being serviced by the septic system
  • Excavate for the tanks
  • Install appropriate aggregates in the tank excavation to create a stable level base
  • Use a crane or excavator to place the tank
  • Install anti-flotation components (as required)
  • Backfill and compact the aggregates around the tank
  • Install any treatment components required (blower, UV lamp, etc.)
  • Install effluent filter (as required)
  • Install effluent pumps and panels as per the design
  • Fill the tanks with water

One of the most important, and often overlooked, steps to every septic installation is the documentation and commissioning of the new septic system. We take great pride in our ability to complete the documenting process. Very rarely does the installed septic system match up exactly with the submitted design. Often the changes are minute but we take great satisfaction in being the only installer to have a .pdf commissioning document with photos to ensure there are no questions about what’s in the ground on your property. Below is an example of some typical items found on our commissioning document:

  • Customer info
  • Treatment manufacturer, model, and level (type 1, 2, 3)
  • Panel manufacturer, model, flow data, time dosing settings (photos)
  • Transducer or floats (photos)
  • Effluent pump manufacturer, model, serial number, date of install, running amperage (photos)
  • Blower manufacturer, model, alarm test (photos)
  • Ultra violet bulbs, model, alarm test (photos)
  • Effluent filter, manufacturer, model (photos)
  • Tanks, manufacturer, model, volume, volume per inch, baffles (photos)
  • Dispersal field info, pipe size, orifice size, orifice spacing, total orifices, residual head measurements (photos)
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Installed with Future Maintenance in Mind.

Every Canadian Septic Inc. system is installed with the maintenance provider in mind. All components are installed to allow for easy access and replacement. We provide all customers with a Canadians Septic Inc. designed and installed system, a detailed operations manual, as well as an easy-to-follow maintenance schedule to ensure that your septic system remains in optimal working condition.

  • Easy to access component placement
  • High-quality parts
  • Thorough documentation
  • Outside the box thinking to find the best solutions for our customers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee