Septic Installation Combines 2 Septic Systems

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Before- Oversized sand mound septic system for the coach home installed over half the gravity field septic system for the main home

When our client in Anmore, BC called us a few months back explaining how they wanted to combine the two existing septic system on their property, it was unclear if a new septic installation would be even be possible. The main residence built in the 90’s had a pump to d box gravity septic field and the coach home had an oversized type 1 sand mound septic system.

After our first site visit It was decided, if this was going to happen, we were going to need to enlist the help of an engineer to draw up a septic plan. In BC, only professional engineers are allowed to design Type 3 septic systems. In order to make this system fit on the property the way the client wanted, the system needed to be a Type 3 Septic System. After multiple site visits with the homeowner & engineer, it was in fact, determined that there was enough room on the property for us to combine the two septic systems.

Because the Treatment System being proposed only required 1 day’s design flow worth of retention prior to the Treatment tank, the old septic tanks, which were sized for Type 1 (3 Days flow) we were able to repurpose the existing septic tanks. We were also able to intercept and redirect the pump line from the main home over to the septic tank from the coach home. We’d initially planned to keep the pump chamber of the coach home, but during the installation process it was decided that due to over all condition of the tank and the depth it at, it needed to come out. After pulling the old pump chamber, we installed a new 2000 gallon concrete two chamber tank with an MBBR 1000 – Type Three septic system treatment plant we got from Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems and Fraserway Prekast


After- Large flat usable area created by combining the two onsite septic systems

During the Type 3 septic installation process, we discovered the newer system from the coach home had been installed on top of the septic system from the main home, which also had been redone already… What a mess!!!

By combining the two septic systems, enhancing the level of treatment to the waste water, and removing the oversized and unsightly sand mound built for the coach home, our customer got the large flat yard they’d hoped for when they bought the property.

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