Septic Design

Septic Design

Choose the Best Septic Planner for your Project

Our Proven Design Process Ensures You Get the Right Septic System for Your Needs and the Environment.

At Canadian Septic Inc., we know one of the first steps to every new building project is getting an onsite septic system design drawn up to ensure your property is capable of treating and disposing of the amount of wastewater your home is going to generate.

No matter how challenging your site may be or how large a home you plan on building, we are equipped to guide you through the design process, answering all the questions you may have.

We design your septic system while holding public health as paramount. Throughout the entire design process, we maintain open lines of communication and will always take the time to explain everything about the septic system design. Our goal is to ensure that you know exactly what to expect and understand what you are getting at all times.

We also carry a corporate Errors & Omissions insurance policy for $1,000,000.00.

We Have a Simple 5 Step Process.


Our discovery process typically starts with a brief phone conversation to help us understand a little bit about you and your future building plans. After our phone call, we provide you with a link to a short questionnaire we call "The Property Owner Declaration". This questionnaire gathers up all the pertinent information required for us to choose the correct design flow as well as decide the appropriate sewage strength for your project.

Site Visit

Once we have received the signed copy of your "Property Owner Declaration", we will schedule a site visit with you so we can get an even better understanding of the surroundings we will be dealing with. During our site visit, we will discuss your preferred location for the septic system, the total space available for a distribution field, as well as anything else needed to help us design the ideal septic system for your property. In some cases, the decision on the location of the septic system will already be made for us due to any existing setbacks from wells, natural waterways, perimeter drains, and more.

Site Work

After you have given us the green light to design your septic system, we will spend time out on your property, digging a minimum of two test pits and four percolation holes. The goal is to identify the soils' characteristics and any other potential site challenges, such as a seasonal high water table, elevated clay levels, or any other impermeable limiting layers. Performing site work allows us to determine the overall size of the field as well as the appropriate distribution method for your land. The majority of all premature failures are due to misidentified soils.


Once our site work has been completed, we will compile the info from your "Property Owner Declaration" and the findings from the site work logs we completed, so that we can design an onsite septic system custom tailored for your specific application using AutoCAD. At this point, we will be able to tell if any additional secondary or tertiary treatment will be required due to spacing constraints on your property.


After the design has been finalized, we will send a copy of the design along with a copy of your land title and the RSS application to the local Health Authority. Once we have received the stamped filing back from the local Health Authority, we will provide it to you. With this document in hand, you are now ready submit your building permits to your local municipality.

We Think Ahead and Prepare for Future Maintenance.

Because we also install and repair septic systems, we always consider how to make the installation and future maintenance of the system as simple as possible. Once the project is complete, we will provide you with a detailed maintenance schedule for your septic system so you can keep it operating at peak performance.

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