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Onsite Installer Magazine

We were humbled recently when Canadian Septic was asked to be featured in a copy of Onsite Installer the Magazine. Onsite Installer is a magazine that focuses on the Onsite...

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Septic Installation Combines 2 Septic Systems

When our client in Anmore, BC called us a few months back explaining how they wanted to combine the two existing septic system on their property, it was unclear if...

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Septic Design Costs

Design | March 20, 2017

As one might expect, we get this one a lot. Back in the day, a simple septic tank and three trench design could cost less than $1,500.00. That would get...

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Septic Field Design in British Columbia

Design | December 10, 2014

The first step in installing or replacing a septic system is to have a Septic Field Design completed by a Registered Wastewater Professional. In British Columbia, the majority of septic...

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