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As one might expect, we get this one a lot. Back in the day, a simple septic tank and three trench design could cost less than $1,500.00. That would get you the test holes, the Health Inspectors visit, the excavating work, drain rock, second visit by the Health Inspector, and back fill. You also got a hastily scribbled site plan if you were fortunate showing how many foot steps from the old Cherry tree to the septic tank.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Make sure that your designer is a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP) or a accredited engineer.[/su_pullquote]Today, a septic system designs are a lot more complex and detailed. Health Inspectors are no longer part of the process. They no longer make site visits, or consult and collaborate on the design and site work. That now falls squarely on the septic system designer, or septic planner. The design is a multi-day undertaking that takes many elements into consideration. Much more weight is now placed on the treatment aspect of a septic system, and getting this part right is much more challenging than the disposal aspect. 

The standards in the Onsite Wastewater industry in BC over the last 15 years have come leaps and bounds from where they were before. However with these increased standards come increased schooling and certification costs on the ROWP’s. With the inspectors no longer in the picture, the responsibility on the the ROWP is greatly increased and there is a much larger burden of risk on the part of the designer. Most ROWP’s who design and install septic systems now carry insurance to cover them for the potential of errors and omissions, and this also costs money.

Canadian Septic Inc. charges start at $2,600.00 to design a septic system. This includes preliminary site work, AutoCAD design work, and Health Authority filing.

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