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Multi-Purpose Install, Chilliwack BC

Commercial Installs | May 5, 2017

We were brought in to this Multi-Purpose project in Chilliwack BC by a developer that was constructing a building that was to be used as an office space, a meeting hall, a gymnasium, a medical office and more. This project took the better part of 2 weeks to complete and was designed by an engineer. The field ended up having to be raised in order to save some large older trees near the end of one of the fields, as we would have had to dig right through the root system to dig down to try level the field.

This system has 2 – 3000 Gal septic tanks, 1 – 2000 Gal pump chamber as well as room for a treatment plant for future expansion. The system is run off an Aquaworx Duplex panel with 2 – Liberty Pumps ½ HP effluent pumps and a transducer. There are 2 dosing fields for this system. The benched manhole was installed so that when the city brings in a sewage hookup they are ready to go.

This was a fun install! It required a lot of troubleshooting and collaboration with the engineer, as we made adjustments to ensure everything was going to fit.

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