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Type 1 Pressure System, Langley BC

Residential Installs | March 21, 2018

A couple months back, we were called up to design a septic system for our client in Langley, BC after he was given a stop work order. He had not realized his extensive renovation required him to pull a new filing with the local health authority. Due to the age of the home and the existing septic system he was going to need a replacement. We were able to walk him through the steps needed to get back to work on his renovation.

Fast forward to this past month, where we are working through the wet months out here in the pacific north west. We managed to squeeze his installation between a couple of the many rainfall warnings we get out here.

This system consisted of a 1350 Gal Septic Tank and a 600 Gal Pump Chamber from Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems. We designed an Aquaworx Simplex Control Panel and used a Transducer to monitor the level of the effluent in the pump chamber. The system is designed to dose the pressure bed 12 times a day. By dosing the field more regularly with smaller doses, we are able to achieve a higher level of treatment because the field is not over saturated by large doses. In BC, by selecting timed dosing you are often able to reduce your vertical treatment area required.

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