Cypress, West Vancouver Installation

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This is a Type 2 gravity distribution system using Presby Enviromental’s Advanced Enviro Septic. Ideal for applications where there is no power and you’re looking to be as minimally invasive as possible.

Canadian Septic installed a Gravity Type 2 System in Cypress, West Vancouver, BC Canada. We used this treatment option because there was limited power available. Access was a challenge, so we had to skid-steer all the sand for the project up through the forest. Check out a video on our Facebook page.

“Job up on Cypress for a seasonal use cabin. Despite the rough terrain and need to shuttle materials from the bottom of the driveway, we’ve been making good time on this Advanced Enviro Septic System install. Using the AES system allows us to get type two treatment while not using any power. This shrinks the overall footprint of the field and allows us to minimize our impact on this heavily wooded slice of paradise.” – James

Main Components:

  • Presby Environmental – Advanced Eviro Septic Pipes (AES)
  • PolyLok Distribution Box
  • Infiltrator IM 1060 Septic Tank

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