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Luxury Home Septic System, Chilliwack BC

Residential Installs | April 16, 2018

In April we could be found doing a septic install in Chilliwack, BC. This septic install was done in the picturesque setting that overlooked some of the cornfields home to the world famous – OK, maybe only BC famous – Chilliwack Corn.

The septic system design was done by an engineer who required two separate concrete septic vaults (septic tanks) and two additional pump chambers with sewage pumps. This was due to the two buildings requiring septic service, their proximity to one another, as well as the elevation changes and trees that occupy the property. The two buildings are however, discharged into a single sand mound septic field.

We used Fraserway Prekast Septic tanks for this project as well as a couple of Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Pump Chambers. We also used an Aquaworx simplex panel along with transducer and two Liberty Pumps sewage pumps.

We’ll do our best to update the photos once the landscaping grows in and the house is complete.


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