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We at Canadian Septic Inc. understand the importance of the continuing education of our staff. There are new treatment plants, system components and tools coming into the market place every year. As such, we will always go the extra mile (or in this case the 2383 miles it took to get to Indianapolis, Indiana) to ensure we are best equipped to answer your questions and present you with solutions to meet your specific needs. So whether it’s a refresher course on soil classification, a course going over the dangers of high strength effluent, or even walking the trade room floors, we won’t stop until we know it all.

Continued Learning, Indianapolis IN

Day 1

It was a very long day of travel that started around 8:00 am on Tuesday from Langley, BC. After our flight into Toronto, our layover got extended by an additional 2 ½ hours when our plane coming in from Kentucky left late. Our plane rolled into Indy around 12:30 am local time which meant no shuttle service any more. Time to take our first UBER! Our driver was there quick and I’m positive we made it to the hotel a good 30-60 mins earlier than any of our counterparts who were waiting in the ridiculous line up for taxis at the airport.

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Day 2

With little to no sleep and a belly full of Starbucks, we’re off to day 1 the WWETT Show 2018. Our first stop is in at registration where we collect our badges and schedules. Wednesday is a full day of classes including: How to get the most out of the WWETT Show, Basic Electrical Theory – Float troubleshooting, Hands on Training with 5 Control Panels, Not One Size Fits All – Designing ATU’s, Lunch Networking Event and Designing a Drip Distribution System. After a long day of running on adrenaline and coffee, we decided to go find somewhere to have dinner. After a short walk from the hotel, we stumbled upon a familiar sign. We ended up going into The Ram Restaurant who’s head office is based out of WA state. Needless to say, this was far from our last visit to this establishment on our trip.


Day 3

After staying up way too late (or early, depending on how you look at it) to watch our women’s hockey team come up just 6 mins short of winning their 5th straight Gold medal at the Olympics, we’re back at it with another half day of classes before the trade show floor opens up. First class up is: Preparing for the New Consumer – How to Acquire and Retain New Business followed up by a class on Employee Retention. The last class of the day before being released out onto the trade show floor was: Understanding High Strength Waste Water. After a couple hours on the floor we made the short trek over to Lucas Oil Stadium where a little over half of the Indianapolis Colts home field was covered in trade booths while the other half was open to try your hand (or foot) at field goals. Spoiler alert, Adam Vinatieri has nothing to worry about, his job is safe. No one at this event was confused for an athlete who had accidentally shown up a week early for the NFL Combine.


Day 4

We start off our day with a 4 hour class on Soil Characteristics and would you believe that it flew by? Throughout the week the presenters were incredible at keeping everyone engaged and on task. We both really enjoyed all the learning classes setup by WWETT Show 2018 and feel they were full value. After the class we spent the rest of the afternoon perusing the floor in search of new tools and treatment technologies. We spent a fair bit of time with the folks from Septic Sitter discussing their real time septic monitoring solutions. We also spent some time with the folks at Fujiclean USA reviewing some of the finer points on proper maintenance protocol on their ATU’s. After a short conversation with Martin Sparkes (the former owner of Septic Expert and current distributor of FujiMac Air Pumps) we engaged in a long conversation with the folks from Sanzfield Technologies. They have some very exciting things coming down the pipe in the near future, keep an eye out for their products.

By this time the trade show floor was closed, and we decided to make the not as short a walk as we thought it was, over to the main closeout party at the Indianapolis Museum. After an hour and a half or so, we decided it was time to go experience a great Indiana past time… basketball. After a 5 minute UBER ride, we were at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for our first NBA game. What a blast! Seriously regretting not going to a Grizzlies game when they were still out in Vancouver. If either the Grizzlies or Sonics ever come back it’ll need to become a yearly event at minimum.


Day 5

We only have a couple hours before we need to be on our way to the airport but we’ve still got time to go by the show floor for a couple hours before we leave. We get to spend some time with the people from Premier Tech to discuss their Ecoflo Bio Filter and discuss some of the reasons they’ve gone away from peat based treatment and moved to a coconut based solution. One last stop before we head back home and that’s with the folks from BioMicrobics where we go over some of their treatment options such as: MicroFAST, BioBarrier, and RollsAIR. Before long it’s time to go and we embark on what turns out to be another long day of travel before arriving home at 11:00 pm Saturday evening. It was a long trip but ultimately it was well worth it for all the knowledge gleaned and relationships created. Until next time Indy…


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