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We are septic experts in the real sense of the word ‘expert’. Canadian Septic Inc. is one of the few local (Lower Mainland) businesses that have the means to work on difficult builds, or even builds that others have said can’t be done.

Traveling often to remote, or sometimes boat-access-only sites, we have installed many one-of-a-kind systems for homeowners that require very specific needs.

Often, home owners have contacted their local septic installer just to be told they cannot do the job. We are often called after another installer has turned the job down, due to lack of equipment, resources or experience.

There are varied issues with septic installs such as waterfront properties, islands, and/or remote, or boat-access sites. Many of these sites tend to have rocky ground with little soil, access issues requiring boats and barges, and difficulty meeting required setbacks from streams and watercourses. Lucky for our clients, we have the means to access these sites and get the job done.

Because we have the means to get the job done, we have quickly become one of the most sought-out installers for these types of jobs. We are proud that we are not your average septic install company. It means that the jobs we put our name on are jobs that require an above-average skill and workmanship. Being one of the Specialized Septic Installers in the lower mainland is something we take great satisfaction in!

Do we install the less difficult jobs? You bet! You can also bet that we do exceptional work no matter what type of system we are putting in for our client. If our name is on the job, you know it has been done right – as we guarantee our installs for the life of the system!

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