Type 1 Pressure distribution system install, Pemberton BC

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This project was located out in Mount Currie, which is near Pemberton BC. We worked together with the builder to get this system up and running. We installed a Type 1 Pressure distribution system for our client. We arrived mid-afternoon on a Monday and were able to complete the system by 7pm on the Tuesday evening.

The system was installed using tanks from Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems and a ½ HP effluent pump made by Liberty Pumps. Because the job was away from our home base we ended up working till sun down. We brought all the supplies up ourselves from the Fraser Valley along with the equipment. We even hauled up our own accommodations which the home owner graciously allowed us to park on site.

Even after all that hard work, we were able to have some fun over at Big Sky Golf as we made our way home through the Sea-to-Sky Corridor back into the Valley.

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